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They ended up giving is a second cake free because if the size error, but it also had that funny tasting icing though we ordered buttercream at both places.

How did you go about asking for the cake and getting it tiered? Luckily our WF only offers a few flavor options so I'm hoping that will limit any risk of them getting it wrong. Please note that all coupons, discounts and other such information may only be shared in the daily discussion posts.

Glad to hear it was still good despite the leaning: Cue various family members being appalled that they wouldn't be able to see a cake cutting. Sexy girls ass crack. I picked mine already because I didn't want my preferred baker to get booked solid.

Do ppl ever do a small cake with a sheet cake in the back to cover everyone? My parents renewed their vows and got a cake with strawberry cream from Whole Foods in Charleston which was incredible, one of the best cases I've ever eaten. We got our lovely header photos HERE. Whole foods naked cake. Submit a new text post. Cakes arent a huge deal in terms of timeline.

Thanks for the tip! Initially we were going to do a dessert table and no cake. One note that was our cake was leaning a tiny little bit and the design looked a little different than discussed but for the thousands we saved, it was def worth it.

Anyone else struggling with cake decisions. And I can't tell it's leaning at all! Just a heads up, this can vary depending on the store. So we ended up doing Costco cheesecake, with a toppings bar! All posts from new users or users with negative karma are held for mod approval.

Whole Foods is doing my floral for a great price. Sadie frost nude pics. Within minutes, people were mingling and trading cake slices and chatting and laughing. Wedding website URLs are not allowed. I really like this idea though I still have my heart set on a dessert table Ahh gotcha, that makes sense. I'm definitely find to do a taste test in the future. Wedding ring pictures are allowed. Just for more detail- we're doing chocolate and yellow cake alternating layerschocolate buttercream interior frosting, and vanilla buttercream exterior frosting.

No one person is the sole arbiter of what is or is not "rude" when it comes to wedding etiquette. Still, if you can taste test I highly recommend it.

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Taste test and stay in touch, a good cake can make a good reception great and an okay reception good, but a bad one makes things go south in a hurry.

Thank you for this rave review as I'm struggling with figuring cake out! Nothing Bundt Cake is so tasty!!

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The stores are pretty new here and I don't know if they're as great as the US stores but if so, it sounds like it could be a great choice! We'll actually have enough to feed people. Redtube nude photos. My current plan was to do several called from Nothing Bundt Cakes they make the only chocolate cake I like!! Added bonus was that Whole Foods cake is delicious. Oh yeah I'm sure they're mostly good, we just got unlucky I think. And I can't tell it's leaning at all! That sounds really frustrating.

Ahh gotcha, that makes sense. That's what we're doing, I think! Have a ring, band or engagement story to share? Not only did the baker not understand strawberry cream despite several conversations she did strawberry compotebut the cake was actually smaller than it was ordered to be and the icing had a totally different taste which want good. Any posts of this type will be removed immediately. Whole foods naked cake. Just a heads up, this can vary depending on the store.

This is a weekly thread for a more collaborative, inclusive approach for giving and receiving feedback for wedding hash tags! Become a Redditor and subscribe to one of thousands of communities. Wedding website URLs are not allowed. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy.

A friend had a smallish wedding and decided on Whole Foods cake. Naked motorcycle pics. It's not too early but also you're not behind at all It was a great idea as it really broke down the ice. We aren't doing cake at our wedding, but my sister just got married at the end of December and their cake was from Whole Foods!

If I weren't absolutely in love with a bakery in my city, I would have gone through them for cake too. We decided to try out Whole Foods since we've always liked everything at their bakery and I do have a taste for grocery store cake, not gonna lie. Thanks for this info!! All posts from new users or users with negative karma are held for mod approval. The person I talked to was kind of useless and I'm thinking about calling back and asking for a supervisor.

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